About Driven

Driven Volleyball Club was started in 2017 by husband and wife, Diego and Amanda Serpa. Diego and Amanda ran the Windermere Prep program from 2013-2018 and realized the need for a club in the Windermere/Winter Garden/Ocoee area to provide great coaching in a competitive environment for young, developing athletes. 

When Diego and Amanda began the plans for Driven, they thought about the questions, “What do we want to be known for? What do we stand for? Why are we different?” The answers for these questions have formed the mission and foundation for Driven Volleyball Club; Be Driven. We are committed to teaching players to Be Driven to be not only be great volleyball athletes, but also great people. Through teaching athletes about teamwork, respect, confidence, hard work, discipline, and drive, we are developing strong athletes and also strong people. 

Driven is a club where young, developing athletes can have the opportunity to play volleyball year-around and learn and/or continue to improve their volleyball skills. We believe that players at a young age should be given the best coaching to form good habits, while also learning how to be a good teammate and how to compete with a resilient mindset. While we are developmental, we are NOT recreational. We are competitive and base playing time on skill, attitude, and teamwork. All tournaments are in the Orlando area, with the exception of our 14U and 15U teams, and the number of tournaments is based on the age of the team, with older teams playing in a larger number of tournaments. 

Driven’s Mission Statement

The mission of Driven Volleyball Club is to positively impact student-athletes through a combined program of volleyball instruction and life lessons, ultimately enhancing their ability to be successful on and off the volleyball court, both currently and in the years beyond.

Driven’s Philosophy 

Our philosophy on coaching is simple; Be Driven. To Be Driven means that you see your purpose and are motivated by that purpose. We desire to coach and teach student-athletes to be driven to be better volleyball players and human beings by having discipline, a strong work ethic, and respect for the sport, coaches, and team. We believe that coaching is teaching, and we will lead by example, coaching players into outstanding athletes and teaching them life skills.