Better Everyday!

2024 Summer camps

We are so excited to offer June and July summer camps! Our camps are full of thousands of repetitions, are high energy, and are a great way to learn to sport or continue to grow and improve. Each camp session is partial-day and grouped by experience level. View experience level descriptions and join in on the summer fun!

Due to limited spots in camps, if you cancel after May 14th, we will not offer any refunds, make ups, or transfers.


  • Beginner:
    • 0-1 years CLUB experience 9-12 years old
    • needs to gain understanding of ALL fundamentals
    • any player coming from YMCA or other recreational league
    • 2 groups; 2nd-5th grade & 6th-9th grade
    • all 10 Navy athletes & most 10 Teal athletes, most 11 Navy
  • Intermediate I:
    • 1-2 years of CLUB experience 9-14 years old
    • has an understanding of ALL fundamentals (passing, serving, hitting, serve receive, defense) but needs to gain consistency
    • a few 10 Teal and 11 Navy, 11 Teal, 12 Navy and 12 White, majority 12 Teal athletes, Middle School Training Group, some of 13 Navy, 13/14 Navy
  • Intermediate II and Adv:
    • 2+ years of club experience
    • 12 years or older
    • has an understanding AND consistency of ALL fundamentals and is looking to improve in pace and level of the game
    • a few 12 Teal, 13 Teal, some 13 Navy, 14 Teal, 15 Teal


Camp Dates:

  • Beginner Camps:
    • June 10-13th (Elementary and 6-9th Grade separate sessions)
    • June 17th-20th (5th-8th Grade)
    • June 24-27th (3rd-6th Grade)
    • July 8-11th (Elementary and 6-9th Grade separate sessions)
    • July 15-18th (5th-8th Grade)
    • July 22-25th (3rd-6th Grade)
  • Intermediate I Camps:
    • June 10-13th
    • June 17-20th
    • June 24-27th
    • July 8-11th
    • July 15-18th
    • July 22-25th
  • Intermediate II/Adv Camps:
    • June 10-13th (Intermediate II)
    • June 24-27th (Intermediate II and Adv)
    • July 8-11th (Intermediate II)
    • July 22-25th (Intermediate II and Adv)

**Click here to view Summer Camp registration/availability. This link will take you to a landing page with our mission statement. Click the 3-line (accordian) icon, login or create an account (free), and then it will populate the camps. If a camp is full, it will no longer populate.