Driven Power

This training program is designed to teach each athlete the proper technique and movements to maximize their potential in volleyball and life. In the first session, the athletes will be tested in their standing vertical jump, approach vertical jump and standing broad jump.  These assessments will be re-evaluated throughout the year.

Throughout the month the athlete’s training will focus on:



Athletes are taught how to absorb force and decelerate properly which will enable them to move more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.  Even though volleyball is a non-contact sport it is still very demanding on the body and joints.  Volleyball athletes must learn how to bend and land properly in order to reduce joint injuries.


In all sports, especially volleyball, an athlete must be able to move from one direction to the other quickly.  Agility training will allow the athlete to transition to different directions quickly, as well as improve motor skills, reaction time, and brain signal efficiency.  Athletes will understand the concepts of “edges” and “angles” and how it can improve their ability to change direction.


A strong core allows for improving performance in sports, reducing risk of injury and better ability to function each day.


The stronger an athlete is the less chance for injury that athlete will have.  Each athlete will strengthen their entire body through age appropriate strength training. I do not recommend lifting weights for younger athletes; however I do believe these young athletes should work to get stronger through body weight exercises.


There is no better place to arm young people with the skills to be successful in all areas of life than through strength training and sports.  Our athletes will develop skills that will translate to improved sports performance, a lifetime of wellness, the ability to overcome obstacles and to embrace the process of becoming the best at getting better.

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